National Museum of Modern Art - Center Pompidou, Musée national d'art Moderne (MNAM)

Length of the internship : two months

Supervisors : Véronique Sorano Stedman, Sophie Spalek

My internship at the Center Pompidou allowed me to learn about the diversity of professionals within this big institution. Holding over one hundred thousand works of art, the National Museum of Modern Art is the second largest modern painting collections in the world. The MNAM is one of the rare museum in France to have a conservation department including a painting lab. 
Part of the internship was dedicated to condition report, exhibition installation and conservation treatment  strengthening my skills and museum practice.
Several treatments were performed during this internship on different type of paintings including the conservation treatment of a tempera on screen paper. 


léopold survage.jpg


During my internship I performed historical research and material, condition report and conservation treatment of L’Univers et Nous, a big distemper on plywood board made by the French artist Léopold Survage in 1953. This work had to take part of a travelling exhibition organized by the MNAM to celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2017. The painting was in a fair condition but covered by a thick layer of dirt and local discolored overpaints. I performed the conservation treatment to surface cleaning and retouching.

Conservation treatment of Jean Lurçat restauration Jean Lurçat

Jean lurçat

I assisted the conservation treatment of L’Eté, tempera on screenpaper, made by Jean Lurçat in 1922. This big project involved painting and paper conservators for the treatment of 5 screen paper panels double side painted. It was supposed to be part of a temporary exhibition organized by the MNAM about artistic movements during the 20th century.  The poor condition of this work made it not acceptable for exhibition standards. I participated to the conservation treatments and finally the screen papers was exhibited in 2018.